Fieldlab Vertical Farming 2019 – 2023

In view of the rapidly increasing world population, there is a great need for innovative agricultural methods to greatly increase the production of food per square meter. An important development in this respect is the vertical cultivation of products in a closed, fully conditioned environment, where cultivation is (usually) produced in several layers on top of each other with minimal use of space and without the use of chemical crop protection agents.

The prospects for this way of growing are very good and are booming, especially outside the Netherlands, with huge investments in vertical farms in the US. and Asia. As a leading horticultural country, the Netherlands already has several parties involved in vertical farming. However, developments outside the Netherlands are moving so fast that it threatens the leading position of the Netherlands, but also offers great opportunities. It is clear that standing still in this case means going backwards. If Dutch horticulture does not sufficiently link up with this global development, the sector will miss the boat.

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