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About vertical farming

The activities of the Field Lab within this project are carried out from four work packages:

In the Vertical Farming Field Lab, an important collaboration is being established between knowledge institutions from South Holland and companies involved in the production of vertically grown products, the sale of vertically grown products and suppliers of technologies for vertical farms. The project creates an innovative ecosystem in which state-of-the-art knowledge from knowledge institutions and (SME) companies is brought together and where optimal facilities are offered to companies for business-driven research and innovation in the field of vertical farming.  

The Field Lab thus contributes to increasing the knowledge position of Dutch horticulture in the field of daylight-free cultivation and to maintaining the leading position of the Dutch horticultural sector worldwide. The Field Lab thus makes an essential contribution to the sustainable strengthening of the competitive position of the horticultural sector in South Holland. This cooperation is fundamentally different from what is now customary in production chains of fresh fruit and vegetables.  

Workpackage 1
Wageningen Economic Research

This work package focuses on increasing awareness of the added value of vertical farming for consumers and market parties, such as retail and catering. Through consumer and market research, and demonstration activities, the benefits of vertically grown products are shown in practice. Implementation will take place in collaboration with Van Gelder's Experience Center in Ridderkerk.

Workpackage 2
WUR Glastuinbouw

This work package focuses on the development and valorisation of innovations in the field of vertical farming by horticultural companies. New state-of-the-art climate cells from WUR and the Improvement Center in Bleiswijk offer facilities to entrepreneurs for conducting research and testing and demonstrating promising new techniques. 

Workpackage 3
Hogeschool Inholland

This work package focuses on the development of state-of-the-art training programs in the field of vertical farming. In addition, the latest knowledge in the field of vertical farming is disseminated in the network through learning arrangements for entrepreneurs. Execution largely takes place from the World Horti Center in Naaldwijk. The WHC thus forms the regional education branch of the Fieldlab in South Holland. Inholland University of Applied Sciences is responsible for safeguarding the latest state of the art and knowledge of vertical farming in regular (vocational) education. 

Workpackage 4
Hogeschool Inholland

The aim of work package 4 is to expand the collaboration within the Fieldlab Vertical Farming to a network from which companies and knowledge institutions can continue to work on accelerating business development in the field of vertical farming. This lays the foundation for a permanent revenue model for the Fieldlab, with which the collaboration can continue after the project and can be further expanded.