Vertical Farming course

There is a shared enthusiasm that vertical farming can provide the world with safe, nutritious and sustainable greens. But most claims lack robust scientific backing. In this mixed classroom course Wageningen University & Research’s world’s leading academics in the field bring together business, academia, and students. Come share in the latest insights on opportunities and challenges of vertical farming and learn what actually ‘works’.

Why follow this course?

Vertical farming is a fast-growing globalized industry with investmentsin new and existing companies. This course on vertical farming aims to illuminate the trees in the forest of big claims and lofty promises. Take a deep dive into the indoor growing of crops:

  • Separate sense from nonsense by analysing sustainability & profitability of vertical farms
  • Deduct the role and key principles of plant physiology in vertical farming
  • Learn about new opportunities in vertical farming through the latest academic insights
  • Collaborate with bright university students while solving the central challenges of vertical farming
  • Infer the relevance and advances of technology in vertical farming

Is this course for you?

This course is designed for growers, tech developers, breeders and others associated with the vertical farming industry. Professionals should be acquainted with the field of plant production. A BSc level by working experience or study is recommended. Mixed classroom course: You will follow this course in parallel with university students who will help you to research the central challenges of vertical farming and provide you with scientific insight on applied problems.

Programme & topics

By bringing together professionals and university students in this mixed classroom we aim to stimulate the cross-pollination between theory and practice. Receiving the latest knowledge on vertical farming (VF) you will be able to give input relevant to the specific hurdles and challenges you face. Students will deep dive into case studies using your input, guided by academic experts, and present their solutions back to you.

With a strong focus on the plant physiology aspects, you will:

  • Apply concepts from plant physiology, technology, business and sustainability
  • Become familiar with innovations such as novel substrates, state of the art LED lighting recipes, precision environmental control, and advanced sensing
  • Evaluate vertical farming strategies in terms of sustainability, profitability and product quality

The 4-weeks programme offers 3 modules with a variety of activities such as lectures, exercises, readings, demonstrations, group work and presentations. Parts of the course are interactive and live on fixed dates and times; other parts can be followed in your own time. The 60 hours of dedicated study time is spread over the total period with fixed dates set during the course where (group or individual) assignments need to be handed in. Per module, 8 - 12 interactive sessions are planned, between 14:00 - 17:00 CET/UTC+1h. Recordings will be made available directly afterwards. Professionals can choose to follow the course online, in Wageningen or in a blended mix. Download the flyer to view an overview of the topics in all 3 modules.

Practical information

  • Course fee: € 900,- per person* and covers tuition and 1 year access to the online course content. *This brand-new course has a reduced price of € 900,- for the first edition
  • Between 35 and 50 participants, with a maximum of 25 students and 25 professionals
  • Based on your (online) attendance a certificate is issued

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