Field lab Vertical Farming at Delphy taken into use

The two practice-oriented Vertical Farm climate chambers for the Fieldlab Vertical Farming at the Delphy location in Bleiswijk have been taken into use. With this field lab, the partners of the Vertical Farming South Holland Field Lab aim to contribute to the sustainable strengthening of the competitive position of the horticultural sector in South Holland by creating an open innovation environment for Vertical Farming.

Fieldlab Vertical Farming is carried out by various partners who have been brought together at the initiative of Innovation Quarter. The project has received a subsidy from the European Fund for Regional Development of the European Union and a contribution from the Province of South Holland, which covers the costs of the project for 42%. The partners themselves provide the necessary co-financing.

After more than a year of designing, preparing and technical engineering, Infinite Acres was able to deliver the climate chambers and the first crops can be started. One climate chamber consists of a multi-layer system with a cultivation surface of 70m˛ divided over five towers of four layers, the other climate chamber covers more than 80m˛ for single-layer cultivation for e.g. tomatoes. Delphy now has a high-tech Vertical Farm facility with which cultivation concepts can be tested and demonstrated by Delphy Improvement Centre. Delphy will also use the facilities for training, knowledge transfer and business development.

On Friday, June 25, 2021, the first tomato plants were planted in the single-layer climate chamber, marking the start of the first demonstration cultivation. The multi-layer climate chamber will soon follow with the first cultivation of basil. With the expansion of the Vertical Farming facilities, Delphy is responding to the demand for cultivation knowledge from the international, rapidly growing Vertical Farming market.

The Vertical Farming facilities are part of the Fieldlab Vertical Farming South Holland project. This project is made possible in part by the European Fund for Regional Development of the European Union and a contribution from the Province of South Holland. The Vertical Farm at Delphy was also made possible by a contribution from Infinite Acres, Priva and Signify.

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