Vertical farming

Vertical Farming is a new cultivation system that offers many new opportunities for horticulture. Not only for the cultivation itself, but also new products and markets can be served. Completely new chains are emerging

Vertical Farming can be described as follows: With Vertical Farming, plants are produced for the purpose of food production from vegetable raw materials in a completely closed, controlled environment. Critical technology is used for this. Plants are grown in stacked hydroponic growing layers using LED lighting, air conditioning, fans and systems that meet plants' growing needs.

Many examples of Vertical Farming can be found in the urban environment. Initiators have favorable considerations for starting with Vertical Farming. This way you can produce crops cleanly and sustainably, bring your crops closer to the user of your job creation. Yet the practice seems unruly. Costs are sometimes higher than expected and the choice of crop is limited. Setting up a business is sometimes more difficult than you think.

This wiki is not only about the basics and technical aspects of vertical farming, but also about the business models.

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